Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Save Whales

TInternational moratorium

Japan kills more than 1,000 whales a year in the Antarctic and also the Pacific Ocean using a loophole in an international moratorium that allows catching whales for research.

Only Norway and Iceland defy the moratorium outright.

This year, Japan is expanding the catch to include 50 humpback whales, which are celebrated for their complex songs and acrobatic displays.

The expedition also plans to kill 50 fin whales - the world's second largest animal after blue whales - as well as 850 smaller minke whales.

ABC News

This is the sad news I've been watching these day. I feel so sad about those innocent whales. Humpback whales was one of the animal being marked as "in danger".Finally their populations have recovered, but cruel Japanese people are hunting them again for their "Science Research"?!
I am too mad to write about any commoms.
If you want to know more infos, you can check the link I post


Dave said...

Although I don't support whaling, being hunted by humans is the very least of their problems. Pollution, climate change, ocean traffic, military practices, and ocean fishing can be far more direct dangers to whale populations.

Pollution and climate change are poisoning and devestating their food supplies while transporting human products by ship can cause death and injury when they travel over the Whale's breeding grounds. Military and other sea vessels that use sonar can cause mass strandings and deaths (within 100 miles) by confusing the Whale's own sonar and causing internal bleeding around their brain and ears. Ocean fishing using nets for catching fish like Tuna not only trap and drown whales, but also a lot of other dwindling species like Dolphins, Sharks, and Sea Turtles. The Whales are dying becasue of OUR lifestyles whether we live in Japan, North America, or Australia. So before we start pointing fingers at other people we need to take a long look at ourselves. We are just as responsible for the harsh conditions the Whales have to live in as the people hunting them.

Wynne Chen said...
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Wynne Chen said...

The fact is we are killing everything by pollute our environment; Not only killing those whales but also the mother land. At the end the earth will be survive but we will be gone.

milkyteets said...

shitty situation all around. So given all those OTHER problems, why worry about hunting them? jk.. Haha... I think the fact that there are so many other problems killing them just re-enforces the fact that we shouldn't be killing them as well. We're killing them "indirectly" enough, why start doing it directly too?

I find it sickening that once an animals population begins to recover it's suddenly ok to start lowering it again.. Kinda self defeating if you ask me.

Anyways, nice drawing babe. =)

milkyteets said...

Dave, I just read the rest of your post... "So before we start pointing fingers at other people we need to take a long look at ourselves."

I don't think she means to "point fingers" at the Japanese, it's just the most recent event to be pointed to when it comes to whale hunting and she is upset with the Japanese decision atm .........O_o..... ease off the coffee dude, we know maki is Japanese .... DOWN BOY!! DOWN!!


scott said...

hey Wynne. love your work. especially the paintings in that hand made sketchbook. hope you had fun at the Gocco course yesterday and thanks for the card.

Gerald said...

Sad post...but great illustration.

crylic said...

That is totally sad news. Thanks for bringing me out of my delusional dream world where everythings coming up rainbows. I'm gonna go jump off a bridge now, but not before saying that I like your painting, it's very nice.

Selvagem said...

yeah... actually some of what Dave says there is something that one of my friend has been actively documenting since I knew her. Sad stuff.

If you guys honestly feel like helping to find a way to support some of this, then you may enjoy this link to the research and time that my friend Chantelle has put into her Orca Activism.

She has a flickr group specifically dedicated to some of it... (draw an orca to help the cause!)
Definitely a worth while read...