Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I did two quick sketches for the plush doll I am going to make.
YA! Craft time.
I found the basic sewing class avail in Vancouver, but I am too late to enter. Hopefully I can join the next one. For now, I guess handsew is my best friend.:)


Jamie said...
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Jamie said...


Màriam said...

Great blog! You are a very good drawer! Thanks for visiting me n_n

G1toons said...

where is the angry and bored cloud?, fun clouds

crylic said...

Super fantastic cloud Fu! I love that bottom one tons!

Oh, I won your pic from the show, it was the only one I bid on...and frankly, even if I was outbid, i'd have taken it anyways...haha!

crylic said...

I just thought i'd point out, you have Dave linked twice in your links...but not me...not even once. :P

milkyteets said...

great post, I love the colors, cute expressions too. gonna make some little plush toys soon or what? :P im still working on that damn sushi chef turnaround...

anyways, cool stuff wanky ma-gee.. or... as others call you... the fu.

milkyteets said...

oh, btw.. as far as a signature goes i think you're boned.

Let's go over the options.

FU... doesnt work for obvious reasons.
KFC... well... chicken anyone?
FUC... i dunno man, there's something a little odd about FUC too.
WC... for wynne chen.. oh wait.. that's a toilet.

Yeah you're boned. Sorry. Hahaha. Acronyms just arent friends it seems. I like Fuu Fuu. Let's go with that.

Wynne Chen said...

Thanks for leaving the great comments for me.

Hee...Dan, I'll link u:P
and i am glad u got my painting. YA!

Fuu?? Let me think about it..:)
Isn't it hard to sign my name??
How about just sign in Chinese for now??

Ken said...

very cute! I look forward to seeing your final toy :D Remember to use a thimble ;)

Adolfo Rodriguez said...

Very cool! I've been waiting to see what cool things you'll come up with!