Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry X'mas- Lost & Found

Showing off some X'mas gift for my bf's family & friend. Hope they like it.
I like Celtic design beads.
Little info about Celtic design,

Square Knot Tile
Meaning: this Celtic Knot originally came from a border knot from the "Book of Kels" Shich has been shortend to fit this application. It can sometimes be viewed as a stylized of infinity.

Trinity Knot Tile

Meaning: enternal faith, hope and love. the circle represents enternity, also an ancient norse rune of protection.

During my X'mas visiting, I also found a photo of my painting I did for SPCA Show a year ago(or two?). Now the painting is belong to a friend of mine, Dan Halle :)

Merry X'mas to everyone~