Saturday, December 08, 2007

Made in Taiwan, Part 1

Taiwan! What a fantastic island which is full of the energy and creativity.
I used to think that Taiwan animation and art aren’t original enough.
However, I totally changed my mind yesterday.
I went to KAIYODO and OTAKU culture lectures at Taipei Fine Art Museum.

There are many artists, designer toy companies, and animation companies working hard and bring Taiwanese art to different level.

Take a look of this Taiwan animation studio.
The original broadcast show they created.

MuMu Hug ,and Choccy

I feel really excited to see their animation. Finally, there is a company doing full production line in Taiwan but not only the animation part. Characters are very appealing and animation is quit fluently. We may their animation on Teletoon or PBS one day in Canada.
P.S all the image copy right are belong to Sofa animation studio