Monday, January 09, 2006

Sketch book Session

Happy Saturday!! I went to the Sketchbook drawing group. Meet some new friends from Japan and exchanges drawings. A lot of Fun!!A lot great illustrators. I can't wait for the next meeting!!
The drawing of Mr. Khanna
1st time to see him drinking Beer
The cute girl I saw from the street
Drawing from Yukinao Takashima Sansen
It was so cute!!

From Ryuku's drawing


Le Tang said...

She was more than cute

Patrick Morgan said...

Very nice Wynne. I just put a link on my blog for you. Hope you are well.

Edward said...

Hey Wynne! Finally you posted some stuff. Nice drawing! Yeah that was me calling Animax yesterday. Just doing some freelance on the side. Yeah and the baby is coming soon, so I will keep you updated. Andres was just here for new years. Let me know if you will be coming out here to Vegas.

danG said...

High Five!!! Great stuff, Keep it up.
an Indian

martin wittig said...

Nice sketches! Keep it up!!