Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pooh site!

The project I worked finally up!
I did the character library and animation for this page.
and other pages
Check it out!


Edward said...

Looking good Wynne. How do you like it over at Animax. Tim,Al and Michael are great guys. ANyways, thanks for stopping by the blog and of course you can be an Aunt! Rachel is Due late January, early February and we are expecting a baby girl. Hope I'll be a good dad. Lol.

Rachel said...

Hey Wynne!! Great Work on the Pooh family...your watercolors look great too!!! By the way...Winnie the cat says hi too!!!! Miss u too... :)

Simon Says said...

Hey thats cool!

G1toons said...

welcome wynne, your fist test looks wonderful, don't forget to come to my portfolios how see ya later