Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Made in Taiwan Part 2

One side is diamond and the other side is W.M Amor.
My sister Jamie's 1st try. Nice cute ring with radom beautiful lines.
My mushroom pendant was covered with smooth mirror surface and curly texture.
My teacher thinks it's a evil mushroom and it's alive. Haa..
Leaf pendant I made for my mom. I am still looking for the perfect Pearls or jem stone to go with it.

This was my 1st silver jewelry piece, Key pendant.
It's harder to make than you think. I had to combined 5 pieces together then add texture on the heart and added ring.

I was experiencing wax jewelry making..really hard to control those tools:P

Finally I post some silver jewelry I made in Taiwan. I joined a short silver clay class when I visited Taiwan. Silver clay is great medium to use. I was a great and fun experience.
Those are my teacher, Anita's web site. You can see her jewelry and class schedule.


Anita, Thank you for taking those photos for me:)


Adolfo Rodriguez said...

Hey Wynne!

I love year of the rat illustration you did it rocks! Nice jewlery too. Hey! sorry i missed out on that get together, i had so much to do lately. But i know we'll see each other again soon! This year I voted for Obama. I like hillary too, but I want obama to win the nomination.

see you soon!


G1toons said...

nice one wynne,

milkyteets said...

really it's about time. I saw these long ago! HAH.

Awesome stuff =)