Saturday, June 09, 2007

Jewelry making Part 1

I love making earrings!!
I usually use fish wire to make them like the 1st photo.
Couple weeks ago, I got some tools and silver wire and try the chains jewelry.
I love it!!
It was fun and I love it I can combine both design.
What should I make next time? I order some basic gold and silver chain necklaces, can’t wait to get them and give them new look!!


Maki said...

Those are awesome, Wynne!!
I love the yellow one. hehe.
I still have one you made for me before;)

Dave said...

Wow! Nice work Wynne!

milkyteets said...

I really like the seconds ones down, awesome!

You should post those ones you made tonight!!!

If I were a girl I know I'd wear them. :P

Audigy said...

nice work :)