Friday, April 21, 2006

Mural at Ai-LA

Before I left LA, some friends & I did the mural for school cafeteria. Here is the finish piece. It took me 3 day to finish. I painted it after work & go home to pack for moving.
It was such a busy week, but I really had fun.
At the end, we can tell that nowadays the young artists' style r kinda dark. New students~~ eat at the "HELL KITCHEN". Mine look like for little Kids..


G1toons said...

i saw the mural i knew that was yours, looks nice how is life up there

Kim said...

I really like your work. It has such a nice sensitivity. Hope to see some more.

Kim said...

Hi thanks for stopping by. Mind if I link you? I find a nice sensitivity in your work that I can relate to very in much in what I try to communicate.

Edward said...

Hey Wynne! Hope you are doing well in Canada! Its starting to get a little hot here in Vegas! Anyways, love the mural. Great job on your part!